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FMCO 3.0 or PKP 3.0 - Approval for Operation

May 31, 2021
FMCO 3.0 or PKP 3.0 - Approval for Operation
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With the recent announcement by our Prime Minister, Malaysia is heading to FMCO - Full Movement Control Order starting from 1st of June.

We have obtain approval to operate our business within the FMCO.

If you need us to be at your premises to collect your equipment for calibration, do contact us with 3 method below:

1. PM us via Facebook messenger
2. Email us at
3. Whatapps us to our number - +6011-6350 0321

Hari Raya 2021 Office Closure Notice

May 10, 2021
Hari Raya 2021 Office Closure Notice
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Hari Raya 2021 Our office close Notice.

We will be closing operation from 13th May to 16th May 2021 and resume back operation from 17th May 2021 onwards.

Refer to our letter notice can be download from below link.

Hereby Progauge Enterprise would like to take this opportunity to wish our Muslim Value Customer and Associate Business Partner

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy.

MCO 3.0 - Progauge Enterprise in Operation

May 6, 2021
MCO 3.0 - Progauge Enterprise in Operation
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With recent government announce of MCO 3.0 for Selangor and KL, We at Progauge Enteprise has obtain to operate as usual.
We are allow to operate since MCO 1.0. Click below our MITI letter.
If you need us to visit your facilities, we will follow strictly your Covid-19 regulation of your company.
Do contact us if you need us to get your equipment out from your facilities for calibration matters.

Our Process of Calibration and Repair

May 6, 2021
Our Process of Calibration and Repair
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Here we share our process of Calibration and Repair with you.

With this process you as customer able to know of how we perform our task.
Our process is based on PDCA and as well as the timeline of each operation.

With understanding our process, you able to work with us easily and reduce your stuggle work life that is our aim.

Any question or doubt regarding to calibration you may use below 3 method to get in touch with us

1. Whatapps us at 011-6350 0321
2. Email us at
3. PM us at Facebook messenger.

Why Calibration Cost is Not Driven by Equipment Price?

May 3, 2021
Why Calibration Cost is Not Driven by Equipment Price?
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Hope you are doing well and keeping healthy at this point of time. We are still in the pandemic situation in Malaysia.

Here we are going to give you some insight of Why Calibration cost is not driven by Equipment Price? and Why is cost higher?

By given this information, you will gain understanding of why most of the calibrator’s lab in Malaysia quoting you a pinch in your company revenue.

Understand difference of equipment pricing and calibration service costs and the cost of not calibrating, will give you brief understanding.

Equipment Pricing is Determined by Manufacturing Costs
  1. Manufacturing an equipment, the cost can be varying for each item produce.
  2. The cost included as below:
    • Engineering costs
    • Materials for the product
    • Cost of manual labor
    • Quality control costs
    • Product testing costs
    • Marketing and sales costs
    • Administrative overhead costs
    • Cost of the machines
    • Tools, and instruments needed in the manufacturing process
    • The upkeep for maintenance on those assets.
  3. Above are all the costing of a manufacturing to produce and measurement equipment, that bring you thinking and wonder how some products can be sold at retail so reasonable in price to the user?
  4. Well, the answer is, as manufacturer to be remain in the market competitively, management of the company will manage the resource and supply chain and to controls to drive costs down in the processes as well as the cost benefits of volume to sell at lower profit margin in order to be competitive while still making a healthy bottom line.
Calibration Service Costs are Determined by the Calibration Process
  1. The largest cost for a calibration lab is the labor. Labor play the important role in calibration job. It requires skill and knowledgeable staff to calibrate equipment. Their training and skill upgrading is done regular to ensure they are performing the calibration tasks correctly.
  2. The second largest cost is Laboratory assets such as lab master equipment require calibrate and laboratory environment control need to maintain regularly according to National Standard requirement.
  3. And even though some calibrations can be batched to calibrate 5 or maybe even 10 similar items at once, it doesn't lend itself to the mass production for manufacturing of an instrument.   
  4. The costing in calibration and costing in manufacturing is not the same, with the explanation above, the costing of calibration is higher than manufacturing an equipment.
The Cost (Risk) of Not Calibrating
  1. The purpose of calibration of equipment is to ensure your measurement of your product/service do not result in false acceptance (consumer risk) or false rejection (producer risk), which leads to cost and safety outcomes.
  2. Understanding that recalibration of your instrument lets you evaluate how the instrument was performing when you had made those quality decisions should signify the importance of recalibration
  3. You would be throwing away your measurement traceability, never knowing whether the instrument was outside of acceptance limits, leading you astray on product acceptance decisions all the while. Close that traceability loop by having your instruments calibrated. Otherwise, it may cost you more than you think you've saved!
  4. Neglecting calibration can lead to unscheduled production or machine downtime, product and process quality issues or even product recalls and rework.
  5. Furthermore, if the instrument is critical to a process or is located in a hazardous area, allowing that sensor to drift over time could potentially result in a risk to employee safety.

Selamat Menyambut Ramadan Al-Mubarak

Apr 12, 2021
Selamat Menyambut Ramadan Al-Mubarak
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Progauge Enterprise taking this opportunity to wish all our Muslims Customer and Associate Business Partner "Salam Ramadan" to you and your family.

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy! 

Crank Load cell Calibration Services

Mar 25, 2021
Crank Load cell Calibration Services
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Crank load cell is important measuring equipment. It's give user load weight indicator that the load weight doesn't exceed the crank can carry. If false reading were given, safety of the Crank system will fail and unforseen accidents may happen at the site. 

To prevent such huge damage, loadcell need to be check regularly to ensure the loadcell is performed properly. 

Using load test machine which ours is machine is traceable to national standards. The load cell will press gradually up to the load cell capability. The load read out by our machine vs the load weight read out by the receiver unit will be judge according to our load methodology standards. 

Our capability able to calibrate up to 100tons. 

Brand that we support

1. Crosby Straightpoint

2. Dynamic Load Monitoring (dlm) 

3. JCM Load Monitoring

4. Safe-T-Weight

5. Scotload

Do contact us for calibration matters. 

PDCA - How can it help you improve? - Part 4

Mar 23, 2021
PDCA - How can it help you improve? - Part 4
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With today posting, we come to the end of the PDCA section the ''Action'' section will be discuss.

After all the Planning, Doing, Checking, is time to Act.

1. Things going as planned? If so then you should continue.
2. Well, there is some issue or problems, Then need to act on the issue to correct and prevent further issue.
3. Improve the work system.
4. Repeat the solutions that worked.

At the end of the fourth phase, the PDCA cycle shall repeat again to seek a continuous improvement in your process.

Hope with our posting of PDCA, you have one or two point take home value and learn together with us.

Continue to watch our news section for new news, information about our services to offer.

PDCA - How can it help you improve? - Part 3

Mar 22, 2021
PDCA - How can it help you improve? - Part 3
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Today we come to 3rd phase of PDCA - Check section.

In this section, once you have completed your trial, test, or simulation in the Do section, it's time to review and analyse the result of each of the test that you have conducted.
This stage is very important because it allows you to evaluate your solution is workable and gave improvement to your process that you intend to improve and also decision making to continue use or revise your plans as necessary. Review the expectations that you have defined in Step 1, to assess whether your idea was a success.

During your review of your result, it is important to compare the results between before and after.
If the results obtained in the verification section are not satisfactory, it is recommended that you return to the Planning phase to relook and re-plan again.

This is the basically the Check section.

PDCA - How can it help you improve? - Part 2

Mar 20, 2021
PDCA - How can it help you improve? - Part 2
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Today we talk about Part 2 of the PDCA - Do Section.

Once we have identified a potential solution, the ''Do'' stage is where we test the proposed or potential solutions or changes.
Ideally, this should be test it safely with a small-scale studies. This will show us a quick wheather our proposed changes achieve the
desired result without interrupting the rest of your operation and less expensive to undertake as well.

After all the test that you have undertake, make sure all the date is collected to be analyser later in the Check Section.

Hope you able to run thru your Plan and Do section smoothly in your process.

PDCA - How can it help you improve? - Part 1

Mar 19, 2021
PDCA - How can it help you improve? - Part 1
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PDCA stand for Plan Do Check Action

Progauge Enterprise team has PDCA implemented in all our businesses. Help most into our business decision making or improvement process.

Here we share our knowledge of what we successfully implemented this into our businesses and our life, so that you may benefit with from it.

There will be series of the post up in our Website News section side. For today we will talk about the 1st step of PDCA.

P – for Plan

The planning stage is for mapping out what you are going to do to try to solve a problem or otherwise change a process. During this step, you will identify and analyse the problem or opportunity for change, develop hypotheses for what the underlying issues or causes are, and decide on one hypothesis to test first.

This are some of the question we ask during our brainstorming, you may use it to help you in this 1st step of PDCA - Planning stage.
  1. What is the core problem we need to solve?
  2. Is this the right problem to work on?
  3. What information do we need to fully understand the problem and its root cause?
  4. Is it feasible to solve it?
  5. What resources do we need or have?
  6. What are the measures of success?
  7. How will the results from a small trial translate to a full-scale implementation?
Hope you have something to kick start of using PDCA in your company and process to have continuously improve.

Learn about our company Core Values - Part 3

Mar 17, 2021
Learn about our company Core Values - Part 3
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This post will come to our last part of our Company Core Value.

Our 3rd Core value is Professionalism.

There are many ways to gain professionalism in business circle. In ours we lay out 5 Important that needed and they are:
  1. Integrity
  2. Confidentiality
  3. Honest
  4. Respect
  5. Good Behaviour
With above that has layout in our Core Value that has being cascade down into our business circle.

Learn about our company Core Values - Part 2

Mar 16, 2021
Learn about our company Core Values - Part 2
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Our 2nd Core value is Excellent. 

Excellent is about confident to pursuit of highest quality of services Progauge Enterprise offer to customer and what we believe in what we are doing is to serve customer with On Time and persistent commitment in Every Time.

Learn about our company Core Values

Mar 15, 2021
Learn about our company Core Values
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Progauge Enterprise core value is built from the heart of our business and reflect our company is built upon and has being practised in our day-to-day business for more than 10 Years. These core value has set us to ensures all business conducted is on the same path, working towards a shared end goal throughout the operation of Progauge Enterprise.
Our Core Values are:

  1. Innovation – Thinking constantly improving our services to add value into customer and our work life output.
  2. Excellent – Deliver excellent of services on time every time.
  3. Professionalism – Being technically, competent and upholding 5 ethical standards (Integrity, Confidentiality, Honest, Respect and Good Behaviour) in our business

Today we share our 1st Core Values which is - Innovation.

We believe a company to thrive and survive in services market and to be outpace others, it is crucial to be continually innovating and improving in the process.

Progauge Enterprise has adapted Lean Management to innovate our way of doing business.

New revenue opportunities into specialize equipment calibration, optimising our existing channels by introducing reduction of calibration cost and boosts our calibration services to other sectors of industries to gain new experiences and know how knowledge work together with customer, these are our innovation in our business.

By Innovate our way of doing business, we add value not only to our work life, our customer is enjoying service value satisfaction increase as we grow in business.

Ultraviolet Monitor - Guardian Calibration

Mar 11, 2021
Ultraviolet Monitor - Guardian Calibration
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Ultraviolet Monitor, model name: Guardian which is manufacturer by Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation. This type of equipment is widely use in food processing industry. Its function is to measure the UV intensity presence in their process.

We did calibration to one of our customers that manufacture drinks and they use it to monitor UV in their systems.

We have performed calibration to all types of UV reading meter that widely use in Oil and Gas Industry and this is no foreign to us.
“Can Do” attitude by us, has definitely help and feel relieved.

Do contact us in 3 Ways method below for any calibration matters:
1. PM us here in Facebook Messenger
2. Whatapps us at +6011-6350 0321
3. Email your query to


Announcement - CNY 2021

Feb 10, 2021
Announcement - CNY 2021
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We will close our operation for CNY holiday from 11/2 until 15/2, our operation will resume 16/2 Tuesday.

We wish our Valuable Customer and Associate Business Partner, May Year of 2021 bring Health, Prosperous and Joyfulness to you and your family.

May We stay Strong and together grow prosper in Year 2021.

Happy Chinese New Year.

Progauge Enterprise - CNY 2021 Office Closure Notice

Feb 2, 2021
Progauge Enterprise - CNY 2021 Office Closure Notice
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With conjunction of upcoming Chinese New Year 2021
Our Office Operation date are as of below:
Office Close Date: 11th February 2021 to 15th February 2021.

Business resume on: 16th February 2021.

Click here for our Memo.

Wishing our Valued Customer and Business Associates

''Happy Chinese New Year & Stay Safe and Stay Healthy''

SOP for MCO (PKP) Area

Jan 24, 2021
SOP for MCO (PKP) Area
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Latest of the SOP up dated by our Kementerian Keselamatan Negara (KKN) till 23th January 2021.

Take Good Care, Stay Safe and Stay Healthy. 

Difference between RT-PCR vs RTK

Jan 22, 2021
Difference between RT-PCR vs RTK
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Sharing the test we have in the market. What is the difference between them?

This infographic from KKM has giving us clear information.

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy Everyone! 

Covid-19 Situation as of 20th January 2021

Jan 20, 2021
Covid-19 Situation as of 20th January 2021
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As of 20th January 2021, the updated status of Covid-19 in Malaysia has risen to 4,008 cases.

Sharing a link to see the whole country situation of Covid-19 by click the link below:

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!

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