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What is 7 Waste of Lean?

Nov 25, 2020
What is 7 Waste of Lean?
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We have this series on our Facebook section in the month of April this year.
Good sharing of Lean information from us and we share again in our new website.

If your company is practicing 7 waste of lean elimination, you will overcome and excel in this time of Covid-19 pandemics.

What is 7 waste in the Lean?

  1. Overproduction of goods. 
  2. Inventory of process floor stack up. 
  3. Too many defects
  4. Too much of motion involve.
  5. Waiting time too long.
  6. Over processing of your goods.
  7. Transportation takes longer time.

Have these 7 waste of lean exist in your process. Time to use this methodology to eliminate.


1.6 Source of Uncertainty

Nov 25, 2020

Previous we have talk about Measurement uncertainty. Today we touch on source of the uncertainty coming from.

The uncertainty of the result of a measurement reflects the lack of knowledge of the value of the measurement.

Here we list out the possible sources of uncertainty:

  1. Incomplete definitions of the measurand. 
  2. Imperfect realisation of the definition of the measurand. 
  3. Sampling - the sample measured may not represent the defined measurand. 
  4. Inadequate knowledge of the effect of environmental conditions on the measurement procedure. 
  5. Personal bias in reading analogue instrument. 
  6. Instrument resolution or discrimination threshold.

Above is possible can lead to source of uncertainty happen. Reduce above can help to obtain proper measurement. 

1.5 Measurement Traceability

Nov 24, 2020
Is one of the major requirements of most international standards is that calibration must be traceable to the country National Standards or International Standard laboratories or any accredited calibration laboratories or its equivalent.

Concept of ''traceability of calibration'' simply means that a working instrument shall be calibrated against a reference instrument and the reference instruments shall be calibrated against a more accurate instrument.

Your equipment calibrated by Progauge Enterprise is accrediated to International Standard Laboratories ISO/IEC 17025. Your worry free is taken care by us.

1.4 Measurement Uncertainty

Nov 23, 2020
At all level in the calibration chain there will be an element of ''uncertainty''. Measurement uncertainty is differs from error in that it is an estimate of range of value where the true values lies, with certain level of confidence. The degree of uncertainty will become greater, depending on the large extend on the following main factors:
  • System - Equipment, Standard Used
  • Human - Skill, Experience
  • Procedure - Method used
  • Environment - Temperature, Humidity
There are two category of uncertainty which is System Uncertainties and Random Uncertainties.
  • System Uncertainties
There are uncertainties due to the accumulation of errors within the calibration chain.
  • Random Uncertainties
These are the uncertainties associated with human errors, equipment method used, environment, etc.

Usually the confidence probability of not less than 95% for most of the calibration lab but some of the more sophiscated laboratories may quote confidence probability of not less 99%.

1.3 Environment Condition for Equipment

Nov 21, 2020
All calibration and measurements must be freeform in a control and suitable environment conditions. The level to which the environmental condition such as Temperature and Humidity need to be controlled will depend entirely on the type of calibration to be carried out and the level of accuracy required.
  • Temperature
The environmental temperature for the in-house calibration should be maintained with good stablity at a appropriate temperature.

e.g: 20°C±2°C or 23°C±3°C  
The temperature should be continuously recorded in to record sheet and filed.
  • Humidity
Environment humidity for In-house calibration should be stable and recorded, where humidity is importance in the calibration process.

1.2 Accuracy of Measurement

Nov 20, 2020

Instrument are calibrated to make them accurate within the manufacturer's specification. Accuracy is an essential factor in instrument performance. In instrument calibration "accuracy" has a special meaning.

  • The closeness of the agreement between the result of a measurement and the the true value of the measurement. 

A precise instrument will produce the same representation or output every time it receives an identical input.

Repeatability of measurement

The closeness of the agreement between the result of successive measurements of the same measurement carried out subjected to the following:

  • Same method of measurement
  • Same observer 
  • Same measuring instrument
  • Same location 
  • Same condition of use 
  • Repetition over a short period of time 

Reproducibility of measurement

The closeness of agreement between the result of measurements of the same measured, where the measurements are carried out under changed conditions such as:

  • Principle or method of measurement
  • Observer 
  • Measuring instrument 
  • Location 
  • Condition of use 
  • Time. 

Error of measurement

The result of measurement minus the of the measurand. 


The value which, added algebraically to the uncorrected result of a measurement, compensated for an assumed systematic error. 

Uncertainty of measurement

At estimate characterising the range of values within the true value of measurand lies.


The property of a result of a measurement whereby it can be related to appropriate standards, generally international or national standards. 

All measuring equipment should be traceable to the National standards which are traceable to international standards. 

1.1 The needs of Calibration

Nov 20, 2020

  • It is obvious that measurement is vital importance to determine and maintain quality. 
  • To produce quality measurement, one must make sure that the measuring equipment are properly maintained and regularly calibrated. 

What is calibration?

  • Calibration is the accurate measurement and comparison of an instrument's input and output to a known standard.
  • Instrument error can be identified and corrected. 

Why Calibrate?

Certain factor have to be considered before deciding and finalising whether an inspection or measuring instruments requires calibration or not. 

  • What are the tolerance/acceptance criteria? 
  • What is the level of accuracy does the measurement need to be?
  • Does the outcome of the measurement decide the product acceptance/rejection?

The Importance of Recalibration

Instrument may require recalibration for a number of reasons:

  • Overtime method, material, man, machine and environment condition can affect the instrument calibration.
  • Calibration is usually necessary after any extended period of usage. 

1.0 Introduction to Measurement

Nov 20, 2020
1.0 Introduction to Measurement
In order to perform reliable measurement the user evidently should have proper measuring devices. In turn these measuring devices should be calibrated at regular intervals. To measure is one thing, to measure correctly is something entirely different. To obtain result a number of questions must be answered:
  • What specific property is to be investigated?
  • In what unit will it be measured? (The results of the measurement will be quantified in units, therefore using the right unit is essential.)
  • The measurement method that will be used. (In this respect measurement procedure, error analysis and possible external influences could be importance.)
  • The measurement setup. (Such a setup will always contain a standard, a measuring device and the instrument to be measured. For accurate measurements quality devices are required. To be able to determine whether a measuring device is in good condition, it is necessary to check it at regular intervals. )

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