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5S Series - Shine

06 Jan 2021
5S Series - Shine
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Today we talk about step 3 which is Shine, mening ''cleanliness''.

Shine moves far beyond than just pushing a broom around every now and then. It involves regular cleaning of every part of the work area — often a daily wipe-down, and a more thorough cleaning each week.

Importantly, the Shine step is not meant to be a job for the maintenance or janitorial staff.
Each worker should clean their own work area, and the equipment they use.

This approach has several benefits:

  • Workers who are familiar with the area will quickly notice any problems that arise
  • Hazards or difficult situations will be understood and accounted for
  • Items that are out of place or missing will be recognized
  • Workers will tend to keep their own workspaces cleaner during normal operations
Everyone should pay attention to the overall cleanliness of the workplace, being willing to pick up trash and so on.
But for 5S to give the best results, each worker should take personal responsibility for their own working space.

Shine can be as Preventative Maintenance

Keeping work areas clean will have many advantages. One important advantage is that it’s easy to spot leaks, cracks, or misalignments.
If the people keeping the area clean are the same people who work there regularly, they will be quick to recognize any of these problems.

Leaving those problems unnoticed and unresolved could result in equipment failure, safety hazards, and loss of productivity.

With the constant cleaning and inspections used in the Shine step of 5S, the system can feed into a preventative maintenance program.

This way, 5S can extend the working life of equipment and help reduce emergency downtime.

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