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5S Series - Sustain

20 Jan 2021
5S Series - Sustain
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Today we come to the last series of 5S, which is Sustain.

Sustain is the most difficult section but without sustaining the activities of 1 to 4 of the S series, your effort will be wasted.

Management Support is important
Without commitment from managers, the 5S processes won’t last long. Supervisors and managers should be involved in auditing the 5S work processes, and getting feedback from workers. They also need to provide the tools, training, and time for workers to get their jobs done right.

Department tours has to be done properly 
Bringing teams from one department to visit other departments will help familiarize the entire workforce with the processes of your facility. This type of “cross auditing” helps to spread good ideas, and inspires people to come up with new ways to improve the 5S implementation.

Updated training 
As time passes, there may be changes in your workplace, such as new equipment, new products, or new work rules. When this happens, revise your 5S work standards to accommodate those changes, and provide training on the new standards.

Progress audits
The standards that are created in the 5S program should provide specific and measurable goals. Checking on those goals with a periodic audit can provide important information and guidance. Where is 5S working well? Where are teams falling behind?

Performance evaluations
Once you know your goals are reasonable, make performance part of each employee evaluation. When teams and individuals perform well, celebrate it, and post overall results so each team can see how they compare to the rest of the facility.

Hope with this last series of the 5S, you able to implement successfully in your process or offices. 5S can help to improve your work area situation to better and better each time. Helping you to save cost in your daily operation as well.

Till then keep on 5S practices all time! 

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!

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