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PDCA - How can it help you improve? - Part 1

19 Mar 2021
PDCA - How can it help you improve? - Part 1
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PDCA stand for Plan Do Check Action

Progauge Enterprise team has PDCA implemented in all our businesses. Help most into our business decision making or improvement process.

Here we share our knowledge of what we successfully implemented this into our businesses and our life, so that you may benefit with from it.

There will be series of the post up in our Website News section side. For today we will talk about the 1st step of PDCA.

P – for Plan

The planning stage is for mapping out what you are going to do to try to solve a problem or otherwise change a process. During this step, you will identify and analyse the problem or opportunity for change, develop hypotheses for what the underlying issues or causes are, and decide on one hypothesis to test first.

This are some of the question we ask during our brainstorming, you may use it to help you in this 1st step of PDCA - Planning stage.
  1. What is the core problem we need to solve?
  2. Is this the right problem to work on?
  3. What information do we need to fully understand the problem and its root cause?
  4. Is it feasible to solve it?
  5. What resources do we need or have?
  6. What are the measures of success?
  7. How will the results from a small trial translate to a full-scale implementation?
Hope you have something to kick start of using PDCA in your company and process to have continuously improve.

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