Jan 16, 2023 at 02:30 pm —

Calibrated various equipment for Medical Manufacturer Customer

Hand Carry calibrated equipment back to our Medical product manufacturer customer. Thanks for their trust and confidence in handling their equipment by us. 1 120g Weighing Balance 1 10kg Weighing Scale 1 Wall Temperature Indicator with Sensor 1 Wall Thermohygro-meter Great to work with them as the start of this year 2023. See you again in next calibration services. #calibration #calibrationlab #calibrationmalaysia #progaugeenterprise #calibrationtemperature #calibrationthermohygrometer #calibrationweighingscale #calibrationweighingbalance #weighingbalance #weighingscale #thermohygrometer #temperaturewithsensor
Jan 16, 2023 at 02:28 pm —

Calibrated and Return Pressure Gauge to Construction Company.

Hand carry back 6 units of Pressure Gauge. We did calibration for one of construction company. Cal Range: 0-300psi Great to work with these equipment and see you again in next of calibration services. #pressuregauge #calibrationpressuregauge #Calibrate #progaugeenterprise ##construction
Jan 16, 2023 at 02:27 pm —

Calibrated and Return the Kyoritsu Earth Tester

Hand carry back calibrated Earth Tester to our customer specialize in Electrical Consultant and maintenance company. Great to work with them on this unit. Brand: Kyoritsu Model: 4105A Calibration Method: Accreditation (All range by the meter) Look forward to future seeing this again. #caibration #electricalinstrument #Kyoritsu #kyoritsuearthmeter #kyoritsu4105a #calibratedkyoritsumeter #progaugeenterprise
Jan 16, 2023 at 02:26 pm —

Supplying INSIZE Small Tools Measuring Product

Performing hand carry to company specialize in manufacturer construction products. We assists them in giving our input into their improvement measurement in their process. Is great to work with them from process input till output this is PDCA cycle and is always our model of operating our business. Great to work with them! #INSIZE #insizedigitalcaliper #insize150mmcaliper #progaugeenterprise #digitalcalipersupplier #digitalcaliper #insizedigitalthicknessgauge #Niigataseikidigitalthicknessgauge
Jan 16, 2023 at 02:25 pm —

Supplying again Quick Check Kit, Mitutoyo Block Gauge and 101188 flat Point

Supply again to our customer in screw production process. To improve their process manufacturing product measurement. Is an Lean Process Improvement that we work together with customer to speed up verification and in-process internal calibration. Thanks for their support and trust in our services. If there is any of your process that need equipment, you may reach us in 3 method: 1. PM us here 2. Email us to 3. Whatapps us at 011-63500321 We happy to assists your production measuring improvement. #quickcheckkit #leanprocess #standardization #fabrication #standardblockgagestation #mitutoyostandardblock #blockgauge #mitutoyo #mitutoyojapan #mitutoyotools #mitutoyoflatpoint #mitutoyocontactpoint #mitutoyo101188
Jan 16, 2023 at 02:22 pm —

Supply INSIZE Digital Height Gauge

Equipment is to help process people to measure and obtain value correctly. With Measurement equipment able to help company obtain data easily. This time we performing hand carry delivery to one of our customer, that use this Height Gauge to measure at their screw dimension. We don't only perform supply, we also help to setup up properly and provide some basic operation and handling to their process people. Once the know the basic operating and handling, they will use this equipment confidently. Digital Height Gauge Brand: INSIZE Model: 1156-300 Range: 0-300mm/0-12" x 0.01mm/0.0005" Reading in Metric/Inch Happy to work with them and supply accuracy equipment to improve their process quality product in Lean method. If you need our services, do contact us using 3 method: Whatapps at +6011-63500321 Email to us at Visit our website at #INSIZE #insizeheightgauge #heightgauge #supplyequipment #consultationqualitymeasurement #progauge #progaugeenterprise
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Calibrated and Return back to Customer

Perform hand delivery calibrated weighing scale back to Plastic manufacturing company . Great to work with this again. Calibrated up to 3kg with SAMM method. Work with again in next re-calibration. #calibration #calibratedweighingscale #progaugeenterprise #calibrationlab #calibratedscale
Jan 16, 2023 at 02:19 pm —

Repaired and Return back to Customer

When we receive multiple unit that comes with variety of problem, this where our 5S mind implemented. Segregation and labelling is our 1st task to identify quantity and problems, that will be executed by our team in the later stage. Blue box - Easy repair, whereby the splinder stuck at the top and bottom stem. Green box - Medium repair, Display issue Red box - Hard repair, these we diagnose the units unable to switch On When you have perform segregation, the repair job will be easy and focus. Leadtime of repair is reduce and fast action is taken appropriately. Segregation and labeling is 1st step of the 5S system. Finally we restored back the Blue and Green box easily and return back to customer, another cost saving project we did for the screw company. #repairdigitalindicator #repairmitutoyodigitalindicator #progaugeenterprise #restorationgauge #repairtools #repairgauges #mitutoyogauges
Jan 16, 2023 at 02:16 pm —
Chinese New Year 2023 Office Closure Notice

Chinese New Year 2023 Office Closure Notice

With conjunction of upcoming Chinese New Year 2023   Our Office Operation date are as of below:   Office Close Date: 23 January 2023 to 27 January 2023. Business resume on: 30 January 2023. Click here for our Memo. Chinese New Year 2023 Office Closure Notice.pdf Wishing our Valued Customer and Business Associates ''Happy Chinese New Year & Stay Safe and Stay Healthy'' read more
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